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    Car Town and Car Town Ex

    Can i play CT and CTE at one account? i have two games i dont know why.. Car Town work and Car Town Ex work too. I afraid bugs in future... I dont want reset my garage Please answer me. Can i play two games?
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    Yes CTEX is the Asian version of CT, CIE licensed CT to an Asian company so they could market it in Asia. You can play on one account, they are essentially the same game with minor differences.
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    Yeah Trombik, I play both games, It's no big deal....Best I can tell about 90% plus of the people in here play both and CIE has no problems if you do both so you have no worries of them deleting your original CT if you want to do EX also

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    well, i say that he's right... i play both CT and CTE, and my original CT just stayed as is(just at the level where i stopped playing it.)

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    They aren't linked in any way and there is no issue with you playing both. New players will be automatically directed to the "local" version though.

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