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    '83 GMC Vandura "A-Team"

    Here's a new skin from

    As soon as I saw the '83 GMC Vandura in CT I knew exactly what skin had to go on it! The A-Team! Check it out:
    Presenting the ’83 GMC Vandura – “A-Team”

    It's not a very complex design at all; just a few of the normal issues with lines not matching up from one side to the other on CT's templates (I really don't understand why they can't make a symetrical template for a symetrical car). I'll admit that it's a little disappointing, though, since you can't actually paint the chrome parts or add the body kit stuff like flares, brush guard, fog lights, spoiler, etc. Still, I think it turned out nice, and it's just plain cool to have!

    Please, leave me a comment. I'd love to hear what you think!

    As always, I've included the skin. Just right-click it to download.
    Feel free to use it, but please don't take credit for my work.
    You're welcome to modify it, just don't claim it was your original design.
    Thanks, and enjoy!

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    By FAR, the best A-Team van I have seen so far!

    I am trying to remember if the "original" 80's A-Team van had dual 1/2 sun roofs or not?
    I am going to have to do some Google searching.

    EDIT: After some searching, it only had a single sunroof.
    EDIT 2:, also notice that the stripe is Different from the from the premier episode!
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    Oh wow! That stripe certainly is different! I didn't realize about the sunroof. I'll add that and repost when I can. Thanks for the compliment, though! You know me - perfectionist, lol.

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    I think CIE/CT missed the boat by not offering us stuff like flares, spoilers, fog lights, brush guards, etc...They could have charged BP for that stuff, much like they do for the add on stuff on other cars and probably made a buck or two

    BTW, Welcome back Speed, Long time no see

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    speedracer..your who did the a-team van?...this site has stolen your skin and is trying to pass it off as his own..but he was toooooo stupid to remove your personal sims logo

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    He doesn't do anything but steal skins. I think this is his 2nd or 3rd page now. Every single one had stolen skins. Stole some of ours to and tried to recolour it. Failed though. One of the Gulf Mclaren F1's the latest. Supposed to be dark blue. Tried painting black but there's huge area's of blue left. Douche.

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    I plan to open up a Skin Place, "Black Ice" is the name. Only trouble is I need Vampire's Disease to keep it running...

    ...unlike Car Town Heartbreakers Team....Boy was that a total disaster!
    Day Walkers and Night Stalkers.....ColdTech Vampires are still on the loose, bringing Death to the Bad Guys...

    ...So long CIE! May the Force be with you!

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