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    What is the mystery prize??????????

    What is the mystery prize this week??????????????????

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    I would think it be safe to say it is either a gold or diamond box, it's usually one or the other

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oopesjg Ijfd View Post
    What is the mystery prize this week??????????????????
    pretty much, a swift kick to the nut sack

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    After they screwed me on the Subaru making it for sale the next day....Forget that I won the Subaru like 12 hours before that great move, Or the 250 or so gallons of fuel or the 300 grand I blew on my Furai....I just kinda lost interest in the Leader Board

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    I rarely bother with the leaderboard, it nearly always seems too much work for a mystery box.
    As I am practically guaranteed the worst car on the reel, it just seems like a distraction from anything else I am trying to do in the game

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