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    Exclamation Top fuel & top door slammer dragster's

    Hey Car Town, I think you should add some real drag racing, We can already race our normal cars with our friends, But why not make some top fuel dragster's & some top door slammers, Also Bring out the Ford Fiesta in stock form so us Hoonigans can make Mr Block's car! Further more Another of my suggestions that I haven't seen you guys make is the '57 Chev Nomad! Seriously Im sure it wouldn't be hard for you guys to make when the '57 Bel Air is in the game already!
    Maybe you could make a 1/4 mile dragster track....Get the NHRA involved and run some more events to win blue coins similar to the Prius challenge's, Nascar Challenge's etc!
    I would really appreciate it the development team would answer this thread!
    Everyone else's comments are welcomed also!

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    Not sure I want a AA/TF Dragster anytime soon unless we gonna get some more floors, bet they would take up atleast 2, maybe 3 car spaces each, BUt, I'm def not against some pro stock or super stock cars. I never really ever figured out how NASCAR and INDY got into car town and not the NHRA, being as this game is centered so much around drag racing

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